New Features in ver. 3.0
Attention! Please note that in this update the majority of theme elements had been changed. We strongly recommend to test this update on a staging copy of your site (or localhost). Also it is important to have full back-up of your site before updating the theme to ver. 3.0
  • Theme Changes

    – Refactoring the theme’s code.
    Page template structure was completely rebuild according to the latest web-design trends. We decreased the amont of server requests. This made our theme faster. Search engines will love this, as well as your customers.

    – Lazyload functionality added.
    We added a wonderful library called “Lazysizes”, which loads images, products, and even whole Page Builder elements only if they are needed (if a user scrolls down that page, for example). Thus page sizes decrease while site loading speed is rising.

    – New Ajax-based shop filters!
    We took basic WooCommerce filters as a base and then added some magic to it. Now you can filter through all products you have on your site without reloading the page. We know you’ll love this.

    – Widget update
    We updated almost all widgets we have in the theme so they become even more comfortable and useful for you.

  • WC Vendors Integration

    – WC Vendors Pro is awesome.
    We made sure this wonderful plugin works well with our theme and even added some extra functionality in the theme for your comfort. Attention! WC Vendors Pro plugin is not sold with this theme and needs to be acquired separately. You surely can still use our theme with the free version of WC Vendors plugin.

    – Unique styles for vendors added.
    New elements for Pro version were added: shop logo and name are atuomatically shown in “Seller Info” product tab. We also added some unique styling for vendors’ shop pages.

    – “Ask vendor a question” form
    We added a feedback form which is displayed in your product’s Seller Info tab. This form allows your customer to ask vendor a question.

    – New Login widget
    We added new vendor options in the new widget (now your customers can become vendors in just one click).

New Features in ver. 2.0
  • SEO Friendly microdata on each page
  • New Breadcrumbs added to breadcrumbs
  • Updated PT Contacts widget

    Now with microdata & logo upload option
  • New Login/Register widget

    Stylish & lightweight widget
  • Updated PT Search widget

    You can now search in specified categories
  • Horizontal Shop Filters

    Added new sidebar for shop filters
  • New Pagebuilder Elements

    Circle Bars, Pricing Tables, Vendor lists
  • WC Vendors update

    More control options for vendors
  • WC Vendors widget

    Add dynamic widget for Vendors Page
Basic Features
  • Customizable Header

    From theme settings you can completely change the way your header looks, or even remove elements you don’t need. You can replace the logo and change it’s position, add new widgets, change the background etc.
  • List/grid for products

    There’s a possibility of switching the product view on the store page.
  • Bootstrap 3

    The whole theme is built on Bootstrap 3.
    Font Awesome and DashIcons are used in the theme.
    Handy is a 4-column theme, adopted for mobile devices
  • WooCommerce shortcodes

    We integrated WooCommerce shortcodes with PageBuilder so they became even easier to use.
  • Woocommerce

    Handy theme was created as a WooCommerce store. In this theme be broadened WooCoommerce functionality and allowed basic store parameters control.
  • Product image slider

    Product image slider has 3 variants of display: single item slider, single item slider with pop-up gallery, gallery with thumbs.
  • Gallery & Portfolio

    Separate templates with different designs for galleries and portfolio are included in the theme.
  • Prestyled post formats

    Unique layouts have been created for post types gallery and audio of handy theme. All theme is built according to the latest trends of design and technology to assure great user experience
  • Post Like System

    We created an easy mechanism of likes for posts and products. The whole system inclued 2 new widgets (product/post output based on like quantity, and a list of user’s likes, which can be seen by logged in users only)
  • Theme Settings

    A settings control system for maximal user comfort is included
  • Layouts for pages

    Choosing individual page layout is an easy thing now.
    Available options:
    1. one-column layout
    2. 2 columns + left sidebar
    3. 2 columns + right sidebar
  • Suppamenu

    It’s a great plugin for creating various mega menus. You won’t have to pay for it – it comes with the theme.
  • Custom badges for products

    Add whatever badges right from the product editing page. You can add any text for products (on sale, top product, we recommend) and add a css class for that block
  • Share Buttons

    You can add share buttons without additional plugins. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ with share counters are available.
  • Widgets

    Handy included a whole set (11pcs) of new widgets which make it easier to fill your site with content.
  • Blog Layouts

    You can choose between one column and multi column layouts. You can also add a post filtration system – by tags or by categories
  • Custom Colors & Fonts

    It’s easy to change the color scheme of your store now. There’s a section of theme settings where you can find 14 options to set colors and fonts for headings, main content, secondary content, links and buttons
  • Breadcrumbs & Navigation

    You can always turn on and off these elements in theme settings.
  • Shop filters

    With Handy theme you get an opportunity to create any product filters with the help of attributes. And filtration itself is awesome ’cause it’s built on Isotope.
  • Isotope developers love this incredible jQuery plugin. all filters of this theme are built on Isotope
  • PageBuilder

    Unique elements which are available in the PageBuilder plugin which comes with the theme. All static pages of our live demo were built in PageBuilder.
  • Advanced product

    Theme features 2 animated product hover effects – fading and sliding. There’s also a possibility to use an extra image gallery for product listing.
  • Testimonials

    Add a testimonial block to any page using PageBuilder. It’s a comfortable and easy-to use widget.
  • Handy Special Elements

    A set of unique elements has been created for Handy theme.
    7 different shortcodes are going to make your store unique.
    You can see all available features in action at Handy Store Elements page.
  • Google fonts

    You can now choose any font from over 600 Google Fonts library
  • Maintenance mode

    You can turn this mode on without additional plugins. You can also set the estimated launch time so that a countdown timer will appear on your under construction page.
  • Carousel

    Add a carousel block to any page using PageBuilder. Manage each carousel content separately.
  • PageBuilder Banner

    This element is highly effective for creating ad banners for your store. All banners on our Live Demo are based on this element. You can find more info in the theme docs.
  • Sales carousel

    Create your own product carousel with special prices. Set sale duration time and a countdown timer will appear near the product.
  • Slider Revolution

    Slider Revolution is a great plugin for creating sliders. You won’t have to pay for it – it comes with the theme.